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8 Best Underwater Boat Lights – (Reviews & Guide 2022) 

If you like being on the water at night, you need to equip your boat with the best underwater boat lights. Whether you often find yourself on the boat late at night, or you’re a night angler, this device can provide increased visibility, keep you safe from various obstacles that may come your way, and, why not admit it, make your boat look cool!

If you want to know what is trending in this product category, we suggest you take a look at the underwater boat light reviews. Moreover, we have gathered a lot of relevant information about submerged light so that you won’t have to do a lot more research. Since we have done the hard part for you, you should be able to find a lighting system that suits your needs and preferences.

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What Exactly Are Underwater Boat Lights?

If you are new to boating, perhaps you do not know exactly what to think when you hear about underwater boat lights. These lights are placed on the outside of your boat, under the waterline. Most boat owners mount them on the transom.

These items are meant to illuminate the water underneath your vessel making your life so much easier. Moreover, you can choose pretty much any color you like for the light. This way, you will be able to see everything around you and be safer than without them.

Benefits Of Underwater Boat Lights

Best Underwater Boat LightsIn terms of safety, there are a few things your boating gear should contain and underwater lights should be one of them. Let us show you why you should consider getting such items.

1. Increased Visibility and Safety

As the name suggests, if they are lights, they are meant to illuminate. This results in better visibility both for you and for others. You will be safe from any danger that may come your way, and you will be able to avoid it in time.

Also, if you decide to take a swim, the underwater lights will help you see the area you are diving into much better. Moreover, since you are so illuminated, there is no chance for other vessels not to see you whether they need to avoid you or find you, in case of an emergency.

2. Excellent Fishing Experience

If you are an angler, having underwater lights makes fishing a more comfortable experience. Some fishing enthusiasts even state that fish are attracted to lights. Therefore, your catch might be much more prosperous compared to daylight fishing.

3. Your Own Boat Aura

This may not be the most important benefit, but your boat will have its own aura. How cool is that? If you like spending time at night on the open water, you will surely appreciate being surrounded by beautiful color lights.

You will be able to create a more relaxing ambient environment and simply chill, mesmerized by the wonderful surroundings.

4. Peace of Mind

No matter how often you have been out on the water at night, this is a stressful situation. Not being able to properly see what is ahead, and the constant worrying about hitting something can cause a lot of frustration.

However, if you equip your boat with underwater lights, all your worries will disappear, and you will be able to fully enjoy your boating experience. Sailing or fishing on your boat is supposed to be relaxing activities where you can eliminate all the stress and recharge your own batteries. You do not need any more frustration!

5. Cost Efficiency

You should also know that high-end underwater boat lights are investments worthy of every cent. Besides the fact that they can serve you for a really long period, you can even save money because some models are energy-efficient, especially LEDs.

6. Versatility

When it comes to any product category, it is always good to know that you have options. For example, you can get small-sized LED lights that can be installed pretty much anywhere, in any type of design, and still deliver really bright lighting.

Types Of Underwater Boat Lights

Underwater Boat Light ReviewsIf you perform a simple online search on underwater boat lights, most results will give you LED lights. This is the most popular type and most boaters use them. However, there is another type

1. Incandescent Light Bulbs

The intensity of the light you will get is determined by the wattage of the incandescent light bulbs. Equally-heated filaments produce light. If you want the brightness to be higher, you have to increase the wattage.

For this reason, incandescent light bulbs are considered as being part of a generation of wastage of energy and heat. Another reason why energy is lost is the equal creation of light around the lamp. This type of underwater light is cheap and will offer a wonderful warm glow.

However, you need to know that incandescent light bulbs are known for early damage, and they are not really durable. The reason for this is the filament that burns out quite fast and you end up having to replace the bulb.

2. LED Underwater Lights

As previously mentioned, this type of underwater light is more popular with boat owners because they offer a lot more benefits. First of all, they produce a low quantity of heat. For this reason, LEDs burn cooler compared to incandescent bulbs.

Moreover, this type of light has up to 100,000 working hours. Incandescent lights have only around 1,000. LEDs do not have filaments, so this is another reason why they are so durable. They are not as fragile as their counterparts, and they are energy-efficient, which is probably the biggest advantage.

However, there is one disadvantage here, because LEDs are more expensive. Still, they do not emit toxic chemicals such as mercury. Therefore, they are environmentally friendly as well.

Fishing With Underwater Boat Lights

Fishing With Underwater Boat LightsMany anglers believe that light attracts fish. We have not seen a scientifically-proven explanation, but many fishing enthusiasts swear that it works. It seems that night fishing with lights attracts fish such as zooplankton to the surface, as they chase the light source. It appears that zooplankton is attracted to white and green lights.

Using green light is especially useful where water clarity is poor because it makes it appear cleaner and reflects less. You should also know that colors penetrate the water at different lengths. For example, red light cannot be seen past five meters, orange ten, and yellow 20. Green can be seen at lengths of up to 30 meters.

That is why green and white lights are more recommended for fishing at night. Submerged lights can only be used during nighttime, and they cannot compete with sunlight to attract zooplankton. Another thing you should know is that the boat should stay very still because the fish could not gather around the light if the vessel was moving.

For this, you can use two anchors. This way, your boat will not pivot. If you want to have successful fishing experience, it is recommended to use two colored lights. One more important thing you should keep in mind is that the water around your boat needs to be deep enough to hold fish.

Best Underwater Boat Lights Comparison Chart

HUSUKU SOOP3 Super Bright Waterproof LED Underwater Light

HUSUKU SOOP3 Super Bright Waterproof LED Underwater Light

  • Price: $
  • Customer Rating: 4.2
  • Lumen: 1500
  • Color: Purple
View On Amazon
Shoreline Marine Color LED Utility Strip

Shoreline Marine Color LED Utility Strip

  • Price: $
  • Customer Rating: 4.0
  • Lumen: Ultra bright
  • Color: Blue
View On Amazon
Lumitec SeaBlaze3 LED Underwater Boat Light, Surface Mount, Non-Dimmable

Lumitec SeaBlaze3 LED Underwater Boat Light, Surface Mount, Non-Dimmable

  • Price: $$$$
  • Customer Rating: 4.2
  • Lumen: 1729
  • Color: White
View On Amazon
Tidal Wake IP68 Underwater LED Light Underwater Lighting

Tidal Wake IP68 Underwater LED Light Underwater Lighting

  • Price: $$
  • Customer Rating: 4.1
  • Lumen: 1800
  • Color: Green


View On Amazon
TH Marine LED-51868-DP Underwater Light Green

TH Marine LED-51868-DP Underwater Light Green

  • Price: $
  • Customer Rating: 3.4
  • Lumen: 1800
  • Color: Green


View On Amazon
Partsam 6" Clear/Blue Underwater Led Boat Light

Partsam 6″ Clear/Blue Underwater Led Boat Light

  • Price: $
  • Customer Rating: 4.4
  • Lumen: N/A
  • Color: Clear/Blue
View On Amazon
Jiawill 60W CREE LED Surface Mount Underwater Boat Lights

Jiawill 60W CREE LED Surface Mount Underwater Boat Lights

  • Price: $$$$
  • Customer Rating: 4.1
  • Lumen: 2853
  • Color: Red
View On Amazon
Pactrade Marine Bright S.S.316 Underwater Light

Pactrade Marine Bright S.S.316 Underwater Light

  • Price: $$
  • Customer Rating: 5.0
  • Lumen: 120
  • Color: Blue
View On Amazon

Best Underwater Boat Lights Reviews

1. HUSUKU SOOP3 Super Bright Waterproof LED Underwater Light

HUSUKU SOOP3 Super Bright Waterproof LED Underwater LightThe HUSUKU SOOP3 Super Bright Waterproof LED Underwater Light is another good option that has a sturdy construction with a clear finish. In terms of brightness, these LED lights are quite bright, but in normal water conditions.

Thanks to the wonderful colors offered by these LEDs, this system is not only suitable for creating a wonderful ambient mood, but for attracting fish as well. Anglers will appreciate this quality. The construction of this unit includes PC plastic and rubber as well as SUS316 stainless steel. The product also comes with a cable of 4.2 feet in length.

The lighting system comes with two 42 LED blue trailer lights with the LED beam angle of 120 degrees. The 1,500 lumens are enough for a smaller boat. In terms of installation, you should know that this is not the easiest system to mount. However, if you are not sure about it, you can ask a professional to come and help you.


  • The product offers great quality for an affordable price
  • It has a waterproof IP rating of 68
  • This lighting system is covered by a three-year warranty


  • These LEDs require more space on your boat and more sealant than many other models

2. Shoreline Marine Color LED Utility Strip

Shoreline Marine Color LED Utility StripIf you want to feel safer while cruising or performing various water activities during the night, you should keep the Shoreline Marine Color LED Utility Strip in mind. The lighting system is represented by LED strips that are extremely reliable and very easy to install. Moreover, they can be used in other types of vehicles such as trailers, pickups, cars, and others.

Since it is intended to be used for boats as well, the product is completely waterproof. Moreover, the strips have a sturdy construction that can withstand the harsh marine conditions. Even though they produce quite a bright light, these LEDs are not as powerful as other products in this line.

Also, they are not enough for larger boats that require more power and light. Overall, you will be pleased with the performance offered by these lighting strips, especially if you are using them on a small boat.


  • This option is extremely flexible in terms of mounting options
  • The price of this product is quite affordable
  • This lighting system is well-made and can easily be used in various types of vehicles


  • The plastic shell of the strips is rather fragile and should be handled with care.

3. Lumitec SeaBlaze3 LED Underwater Boat Light, Surface Mount, Non-Dimmable

Lumitec SeaBlaze3 LED Underwater Boat Light, Surface Mount, Non-DimmableThanks to its 1729 lumens, this lighting system delivers excellent brightness. You will certainly not get lost on the open water at night! The units have a marine-grade anodized aluminum housing that makes it durable.

The Lumitec SeaBlaze3 LED Underwater Boat Light, Surface Mount, Non-Dimmable does not require any external controllers. Moreover, the installation process is quite simple, which means that even you could install it.

The system is transom-mountable and it only requires a 1/2-inch through-hull hole. You should know that this model does not have a strobe or a crossfade mode. Still, you have the option to change the modes and colors with a toggle of a switch.

This is quite convenient as well. This particular model is not suitable for larger vessels that require more powerful lighting, but it is an excellent choice for smaller boats. The product offers white light, but you can also select green, blue, and dual, white/blue colors.


  • The product offers versatility and lighting customization that is easy to control
  • Its housing offers great protection for the lights
  • This model is robust and very reliable


  • The lighting system is not as durable as others in the same price range

4. Tidal Wake IP68 Underwater LED Light Underwater Lighting

Tidal Wake IP68 Underwater LED Light Underwater LightingIn case you are looking for a lighting system that is suitable for cruising, fishing, and even swimming, this model is certainly worthy of your attention. The Tidal Wake IP68 Underwater LED Light Underwater Lighting will not only illuminate the water around you, but it will also help you navigate the boat and also attract fish which is extremely useful for anglers.

A great advantage offered by this system is that the installation process is very easy since you are not required to drill any holes in your vessel. For this reason, you can also easily remove the LEDs. You will get a waterproof quick-connect plug and a storage bag.

The LED lights are made of durable stainless steel. With 1800, this system is an excellent choice for small boats. However, if you have a larger vessel, you will probably not be satisfied with the brightness.


  • This unit is IP rated at 68 for water resistance
  • The system is capable of providing around 50,000 hours of life
  • It is an affordable option that will not damage your budget


  • The pigtail coming out of the unit is not as long as you might like.

5. TH Marine LED-51868-DP Underwater Light Green

TH Marine LED-51868-DP Underwater Light GreenOur next pick is not only extremely affordable but very useful as well. Most other submerged lights get up heated very fast. It is not the case of this model, as it is quite energy-efficient. The TH Marine LED-51868-DP Underwater Light Green has six LED lights of 180 Lumens each and features a low amperage draw.

Since this model offers up to 100,000 hours of light, it is more durable than other products in this line. The installation process is not the easiest. You need to be very careful about how you screw the light. If it’s too tight, the glass may break.

The LEDs provide a wonderful green light. With this lighting system, you will get a stainless steel installation hardware as well. Even though these LEDs do not offer a very bright light, they will do the job and assist you if you are fishing or cruising at night.


  • This model requires a surface mount and small holes for wiring
  • It is an excellent option for small boats
  • The unit is designed to be used above and below the waterline


  • Plastic is also included in the design of these LEDs, which is not very durable

6. Partsam 6″ Clear/Blue Underwater Led Boat Light

Partsam 6" Clear/Blue Underwater Led Boat LightThe Partsam 6″ Clear/Blue Underwater Led Boat Light is another option that is worth checking out. It is a multi-purpose solution with universal utility for any 12V vehicles. These are strip lights that are submersible and completely waterproof. The circuit board is completely sealed in epoxy to resist not only water but also corrosion and vibration.

Since it requires surface mounting, the installation process is extremely easy. Moreover, this model has a low amperage draw which means that it does not consume a lot of energy and will not drain your battery. Furthermore, this option is excellent for lighting as well as decoration both interiors and exteriors of boats, RVs, and many other types of vehicles.

This particular model offers clear blue color, but other lengths and colors are also available. The pack contains four strips of six inches in length. However, this is not a great option for larger vessels that require more brightness and power.


  • This system is extremely versatile and can be used for various applications
  • It is a very affordable lighting option for your boat
  • You get to choose between several color options


  • If you want blinding brightness, this model is not the most suitable choice

7. Jiawill 60W CREE LED Surface Mount Underwater Boat Lights

Jiawill 60W CREE LED Surface Mount Underwater Boat LightsThis model is capable of producing an output of 2,853 lumens. The 12 Cree LED lights offer excellent bright light. There are many reasons why you should consider the Jiawill 60W CREE LED Surface Mount Underwater Boat Lights.

First of all, the system has a very sturdy construction that includes a 316 marine-grade stainless steel housing and shatterproof polycarbonate lens. Moreover, it features over-temperature protection which makes this system very durable.

Despite all these features, the LEDs have a very low profile design at only 17 mm. What is more, the stainless steel fascia provides a wonderful and attractive finish while the light performs great with a wide range of colors you can select from.

Even though this is not the cheapest option, the system is certainly worth the money. You will probably also appreciate the fact that you get various mounting options and you are not stuck to a certain position.


  • The product comes with all the hardware needed for various installations
  • This model is shock and vibration-resistant as well
  • The system does not consume a lot of energy from your battery


  • It is a bit more pricey than other similar products

8. Pactrade Marine Bright S.S.316 Underwater Light

Pactrade Marine Bright S.S.316 Underwater LightThis option is a great choice for smaller boats and it is also a budget-friendly product. Even though these LEDs do not provide extremely effective lighting, they are great for creating an ambient glow. In terms of construction, the Pactrade Marine Bright S.S.316 Underwater Light features a marine-grade stainless steel housing.

Moreover, it generates a low-heat light. All of these features ensure that the lighting system can withstand the difficult marine conditions, and use little power at the same time. The installation process is pretty straightforward. These lights only require a small hole to be drilled. However, if you are not skillful in this sense, you may need a little help to mount the units.

Even if they do not provide very bright light, these LED lights are great for night fishing. Moreover, they definitely improve night water activities such as swimming, docking, or loading.


  • This is a budget-friendly and excellent choice for small vessels
  • The LEDs provide around 50,000 working hours
  • The light can be dimmed which is a great option to have


  • This lighting system is not suitable if you are looking for a very bright and powerful light

Underwater Boat Lights Buying Guide

Having the best marine stereo can certainly improve your boating experience but it is not mandatory like the best infant life jacket for your child. Underwater boat lights are not compulsory either, but they are a good investment in terms of safety and great boating experience at night. Let us see what things you should keep in mind when looking for products in this line.

1. Type

Since we have already discussed what types of underwater boat lights are available, we are not going to get into more detail here. Still, based on your needs and budget, you should consider what type of lights you are going to be looking for.

2. Usage

Before you start your submerged light hunt, you need to know exactly what you are going to be using this product for. Is it for increased visibility at night? Are you an angler, planning to fish at nighttime?

Your investment should be in accordance with your needs so that you can enjoy it. Once you know exactly what you need, you will be able to make a smart purchase that will improve your experience.

3. Installation Process

Underwater Boat Lights Buying GuideIt is extremely important to know what you are doing when you install the lights under your boat. Some models may require modifications to your installation spot. Others may only need small holes for the wiring and screws.

In other words, some models are easier to install than others. Therefore, you should read the manufacturer’s guidelines and decide if it’s the installation process is for you or not. You should know that there are also types of submerged lights that can be mounted on the drain plug and do not require any kind of drilling.

The installing position is another thing you ought to keep in mind. You should search for lights that are flexible and provide various mounting locations. The transom, the drain plug, and the trim tab are areas that are easiest to work with.

If you are not sure about how to proceed or if you have no relevant skills, you should definitely call a professional to have your underwater lights installed.

4. Housing Materials

Since we are talking about lights that are constantly underwater, superior housing is required for yours. The best choices are aluminum bronze and injection-molded transparent polymer. The second option is a great choice for underwater lights, as the material is extremely durable and reliable.

Moreover, this material does not corrode and there won’t be any metal in contact with water. On the other hand, aluminum bronze is one of the most robust metals that are used underwater. It has remarkable resistance to corrosion caused by saltwater. Furthermore, it has unique thermal characteristics as well which will keel the light fresh.

5. Energy-efficient

Even if your lights should offer decent illumination, you should make sure that they do not consume too much of your battery. LED lights are usually more cost-efficient in this sense. However, it is always a good idea to have a backup plan and make sure your boat is equipped with a good marine battery charger, just in case.

6. Brightness

When looking for this type of product, knowing about and understanding the difference between watts and lumens is important. This is because the level of brightness delivered by LEDs is expressed by lumens.

As a general rule, the larger the number of lumens, the higher the illumination. When it comes to submerged boat lights, you should go for at least 600 lumens.

7. The Width of the Beam

This feature is connected to the view of the light angle. Therefore, less than 90 degrees is considered to be narrow, and over 90 degrees is wide.

For your underwater boat lights, you should look for models with full bead width, but do not forget about the quality.

8. Colors

Depending on what you prefer and why you want to use submerged lights, you should know that you can get an illumination system with just one color or with multiple colors.

Therefore, if this aspect is important to you, look for a product that has exactly the colors you want. The market has a lot to offer, and you will surely be able to find something that suits your needs exactly.

9. Durability and Suitable Features

As the name suggests, submerged light is going to be underwater frequently. Therefore, you should look for durable products. It goes without saying that your underwater boat lights need to be waterproof and corrosion-resistant. They also need to be robust as well as resistant to shocks. In other words, they need to be made specifically for the marine environment.

How To Install Underwater Boat Lights?

The first step of the installation process is deciding where you want to mount the lights. As a general line, it is recommended to be at least six inches below the waterline. Moreover, submerged lights need to be placed on clean, unobstructed, flat surfaces.

Once you find the perfect spot, you will need to cut the templates that come with the lights and then tape them to the hull. Make sure you follow the instructions on the templates. You will need to drill holes into the hull, but make sure there is nothing behind these areas. After you finish, clean these areas with a clean towel.

Through the center hole, you will need to run the wires, and then a bead of sealant around the perimeter of the fixture. Next, from the inside of the boat, you will need to pull the cables carefully and position the fixture on the outside.

Use the screws that come with the fixture, and mount it to the hull. When you get to this point, you should refer to the wiring diagrams in order to wire the lighting system correctly. Also, make sure that the exposed wires are covered with electrical tape in order to prevent corrosion.

Of course, depending on the type of lighting system you select, the installation process may differ. Regardless of the type and model, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and call for professional help if you need it.

How To Maintain Underwater Boat Lights?

How To Maintain Underwater Boat LightsCorrectly maintaining your underwater boat lights is extremely important if you want to increase their durability. The first thing you can do in this sense is choosing the right materials. In order to prevent corrosion, makes sure that the lights are made of marine-grade bronze or stainless steel.

Moreover, it is recommended to use an orbital sander to remove the paint from the areas where the units are mounted. Furthermore, if you remove your vessel from the water, you should also clean the lights using mild detergent, clean, freshwater, and a soft towel. It is important not to use any hard detergent or bristle brushes.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that submerged lights work by being kept cool underwater. Therefore, never run these lights out of the water, or you might get them permanently damaged. If you have to do this for some reason, make sure you never exceed two minutes.

FAQ About Underwater Boat Lights

1. What Color Underwater Is The Best?

There is no “best color” for underwater boat lights. It depends on what your needs and preferences are. Each color’s penetration capability depends on wavelength. A short-wavelength offers a deeper color penetration. Blue light has the shortest wavelength which means that it penetrates deeper.

At the same time, red light has the longest wavelength so it gets absorbed at shallow depths. If you only want to make your boat look cool, you can go for whichever color or color combination you like. If you want to fish at night, you should go for green and white. That is why it is important to know what you need the light for before getting the units.

2. Where Should Underwater Boat Lights Be Installed?

When it comes to the areas where the underwater lights should be mounted in, usually the drain plug, the transom, and the trim tab are preferred by most boat owners. Also, if you are a skillful person, the installation process is not very hard.

You need to consider that for most units, you will have to drill holes for the screws and wiring. Also, you will have to hook up the wires to the power source. Therefore, if you have any doubt, you should not hesitate to call a professional. It is better to spend a few extra bucks for his or her services than to cause much more expensive damage to your boat.

3. How Can I Change the Color if I Am Using a Multicolor Lighting System?

This depends on the product itself. Some models offer the possibility to preset the cross fade at certain intervals. You may also be able to turn the lights off and on using the switch that came with the system to change the color.

However, your product may have other options. Therefore, the right answer lays in the manufacturer’s instructions manual which you should read before you even mount the system on your boat.

4. Can I Use My Underwater Boat Lights Out of the Water?

Even if these lights work out of the water, you should not use them for any other than the intended purpose. Submerged lights are designed in a way that the water allows them to cool down.

If you use them outside their intended environment, there is nothing to cool them down, so the heat will damage them. If you need to check the system out of the water, make sure you never keep the lights on for more than two minutes.

5. What Colors Are Fish Attracted to?

Green and white lights are commonly used to attract fish not only to boats but to docks and piers as well. The reason for this is the two colors’ brightness that can attract fish from greater distances. Blue has a shorter wavelength but it is used mostly for ambient and aesthetic lighting, mostly around resort and restaurant areas.

Wrap Up

Even though they are not mandatory, the best underwater boat lights should not be missing from your vessel, especially if you are often on the open water at night. They represent an extra safety feature both for you and for other boaters around you, and they also look great. In case you are an angler, then these units are a must, especially if you like fishing at night.

If you read our underwater boat light reviews, you will be able to see what some of the most popular models are with boat owners. We have even prepared a lot of information about this line of products for you to make an idea about why they are important and what features you should be looking for. We are sure that once you install the lighting system on your boat, you will be sorry for not using one sooner.

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